How to Help


Our volunteers are working hard on our Adoptions Page! Bios and photos of adoptable rats will soon be available to view.

For currently adoptable rats contact us for an Adoption Application!


Fostering can be a very challenging, yet very rewarding, experience. Rescues rely on fosters like you to continue to rescue animals and get them into their loving forever homes. Without you, the number of rats Teeny Snoots could bring in would be very limited.

Contact us for a Foster Application!


All donations are sincerely appreciated and very much needed. We need your help to keep our doors open, keep the vet bills paid and keep ratties safe.

Donations of food, litter, bedding and toys are always accepted and appreciated by the teeny snoots at Teeny Snoots.

Teeny Snoots is able to accept donations multiple ways:

PayPal: @teenysnoots


Teeny Snoots GoFundMe

You can also help the current rescues at Teeny Snoots by donating an item or items off our Amazon Wish List!