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See below for an Adoption Application or contact us to answer your adoption questions!

adoption process

Teeny Snoots believes that your pet chooses you. Oftentimes, a pet will be chosen by their looks but their personality doesn’t fit with their new family and they are brought back to rescue. This is very hard on the pet and can be quite traumatic.

For this reason, Teeny Snoots uses a playpen approach to adoption. Once your application to adopt has been approved, a time will be arranged for you to meet the rats in their playpen. You will be able to interact and play with multiple rats to see who you connect with and who connects with you. Teeny Snoots does not allow single adoptions.

To keep the rats safe, your application must be approved beforehand. The rats will have a place to hide if they feel they need to and will only be brought out to play if they are okay with it. Rats are never forced to come out of their cages to socialize; only those who are eager to play come out.

when can i bring my rats home?

Since your adoption application has already been approved by the time of your visit, you will be able to bring home your rats the same day.

Teeny Snoots does not allow single-rat adoptions as this is too stressful for the rats.

adoption application